When “off the shelf” solutions are not suitable, our bespoke design service can create products to your exact requirements.

Build a package that is right for you.
GDS UK offers a range of services which can be tailored to create the perfect solution for you.

GDS specialises in low energy and “green” solutions.

Using real-time information to drive messages to networks in a variety of applications.

Delivering advertising, branding or messages to screens is a pivotal part of any network. GDS UK provides partial or complete CMS solutions to fit your needs.

GDS has developed a comprehensive monitoring platform to allow information on performance of digital assets to be analysed in real time.
GDS has a comprehensive installation service, installing any unit anywhere in the world. We are experienced in all aspects of installation planning and delivery.

With engineers based across the whole of the UK we provide a full range of in-field service, maintenance and support packages to fit your needs.

Bespoke products

For many display requirements, off the shelf products simply do not make the cut!

Here at GDS Technology we understand the increasing need to stand out and make an impact while delivering high quality solutions. We are well regarded for our ability to create bespoke solutions and bring our customer’s ideas to life.

We have in-house design and development capabilities, and close ties to outside organisations that allow us to develop a complete hardware and software package tailored to your exact specification.

Turnkey solutions

GDS UK offers complete turnkey solutions allowing you to build a package which is right for you and suits your budget.

We offer:

  • Design
  • Manufacture and production
  • Technical support
  • Software development – content management systems, operating systems and bespoke applications
  • Project management
  • Site surveys and feasibility studies
  • Ground and civil works
  • Installation
  • Electrical circuit design and installation
  • Network setup and management
  • Service and maintenance
  • Extended warranties
  • Remote monitoring
  • Support helpdesk


GDS develops low energy signage solutions. Working with e-Ink and their low energy display technology we have developed solutions for ‘Off Grid’ electronic signage. Careful management and storage of power coupled with intelligent management of content allows us to update passengers on the move. Whether this is on bus, rail or moving around transport terminals we can provide a range of Green solutions.

Real Time Information

Collecting and analysing real time data allows us to build user friendly dashboards to allow operators to observe, manage and broadcast messages in real time over a network. At the other end, well-structured visuals allow users to easily interpret the signage whether the contact point is in the format of external LCD or LED, internal wayfinding, tablet or phone. Consistency of messages throughout locations is vital to keeping people informed and on the move.

Content Management

The effective delivery of content to screens is a critical consideration in any display solution.  We are experts in creating the right content management solutions for networks of all sizes.

We can provide:

  • Operating system (Linux or Windows) setup and configuration
  • CMS integration, setup and configuration
  • Training
  • Integrations with touchscreens or other hardware including cameras and NFC devices
  • Audience measurement
  • Dynamic campaign setup and support


We also offer a complete managed solution including the uploading and scheduling of content as required by the client.

Monitoring & Asset Management

GDS Technology has developed a comprehensive monitoring platform enabling information to be gathered on digital assets wherever they are deployed. A small monitoring agent is deployed on all PCs and a web-based portal allows quick and easy viewing of diagnostic data.

Our monitoring software features:

  • Network/internet connectivity
  • Temperature data – screen/unit/PC
  • Hard drive usage
  • RAM usage
  • SNMP integration
  • Diagnostic board data (where compatible GDS diagnostic board installed)
  • Light sensor data (where a compatible light sensor is installed)
  • Dashboard – see all of your digital assets in one simple place with alerts.
  • Email alerts
  • Screen snapshot – real-time snapshot of screen outputs
  • Windows/Linux versions to suit your OS


GDS Technology offers a comprehensive installation service for both our own products and third party equipment. We cover everything from the initial site survey, preparation of key documentation, Health and Safety management (including CRAMS), sub-contractor liaison, transportation of equipment and stock, project management, and site acceptance testing (SAT).

Our engineers have experience in installing a wide range of equipment in a wide range of locations. We have a wide range of tooling and equipment to cover every scenario.

We are fully covered by our own Public Liability Insurance and are SafeContractor accredited.

Service & Support

GDS Technology offers bespoke service and maintenance services built around your requirements.

Key features:

  • Customisable Service Level Agreements (SLA) – typically 24/48 hour response
  • Planned preventative maintenance – ensuring units are maintained and serviced so things don’t go wrong.
  • Electrical safety testing – regular testing and certification to prove units are electrically safe
  • Extended warranty
  • Spare parts – ensuring continuity of service
  • Cover of non-GDS Technology equipment (subject to survey)