Rank Group – 10.1” Tabletop displays for use in casino environments

GDS Technology was approached in 2015 by The Rank Group to provide a bespoke solution to the needs of Grosvenor Casinos – one of their subsidiaries, the largest casino operator in the UK.

The need was to create a small interactive tabletop display to provide betting odds, rules or information in an elegant and simple package.

Due to our experience working with casino operators worldwide and our proven track record in delivering effective solutions, GDS Technology was a perfect partner for the Rank Group.

D. Lawrence, Managing Director of GDS Technology

We developed an android based display with a 10.1” touchscreen display, mounted in a metal housing with an elegant Corian® fascia. Our development team provided a secure android build allowing the casino staff to easily switch between the odds or limits on a range of common tables, as well as allowing for the flexibility of editing them and creating new sets when required.

Today there are a hundred GDS units displayed in casinos across London and the South of England.